My Toddler Doesn’t have a “Boyfriend”

Why is it that adults find it entertaining to ask young children if they have a girlfriend/boyfriend? I’m sure you’ve heard it before. Your kid has a friend of the opposite sex at daycare. “Is that your boyfriend?” or “You’re how old? Do you have a boyfriend yet?”

Sure, they don’t mean anything by it; it’s all in good fun. It’s meant as a joke.

But, stop.

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What My (almost) 3 Year Old is Reading

We’ve done our best to instill our love of reading in our child. Not only is it great for learning communication skills, comprehension, new concepts, and a multitude of other benefits, but it is also a great bonding activity. Alli likes most books, but sometimes she goes weeks, and even months, requesting the same book every night. These are her current favorites.

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Spring Bucket List

I love ‘bucket lists,’ although less aptly named than their grim predecessors, because with one fell swoop you can avoid the “what do you want to do?” “I don’t know what do you want to do?” conversations. Plus, it’s a great way to gain insight as to what your child is currently interested in. It’s a wonderful co-activity to make a plan and cross off items on the list as you complete them.

Spring Bucket List

DIY Trolls Pillowcase Dress (Poppy)

Springtime is here and that means dress season. I love it when I can just pop a dress on Alli and she’s good to go. No color coordinating. No matching patterns. It’s so easy that even my husband drops her off to school looking like he has a sense of fashion.

Lately, Alli has been going through the princess dress phase. Anytime she has on a yellow dress, she’s Belle. So, when her school announced that they were having a Trolls themed picnic as their spring party, her first request was a Poppy dress.

Poppy-1Not having a lot of time, I defaulted to a pillowcase style dress. They are super cute and super easy.

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