Bubble Painting – A DIY Toddler Activity

Kids love bubbles. Kids love painting. I’m half convinced that it’s mostly because both activities are messy. And, kids have this sense for enjoying the things that require the most clean-up for their parents.

So, of course you should mix the two. Right? Well, if you’re a glutton for punishment this is a perfect activity for you.

Bubble Painting

What you’ll need:

  • Bubble solution and bubble blowers (multiple sizes add some variation).
  • Food coloring
  • Heavy paper (we tried it with something a little lighter, but the solution gets the paper very wet).
  • A good attitude about cleaning


Mix a few drops of food coloring into the bubble solution. The more color you add the more vibrant it will be. Then, let your kids go crazy blowing bubbles onto the paper.

Of course, Alli chose green since it’s her favorite color.

The longer the bubbles remain on the page before popping, the deeper the color will be.

Somebody got her mouth a little too close to the bubble solution. (Despite my concerns, it washed off well).

And, the finished product. Have fun!

Note: The bubbles will pop and there will be small spots of color all over hands and arms. Don’t be alarmed! It will wash right off. I was initially worried since food coloring is very concentrated. But, combining it with…well, soap…makes it very washable.