Easy Ice Smash Summer Activity

Having recently purchased a new home, we have been doing several projects around the house. At every opportunity, Alli has swiped the hammer and set around banging on stuff. Rather than simply taking it away for the hundredth time, we devised an activity that she can use the hammer on.

What you’ll need:
  • Ice cube tray
  • Small toys
  • Water
  • Hammer (Yes, I let her use a real hammer and not a toy. Realistically, a toy would have been less satisfying).

Simply set place the toys in the trays and fill with water. Freeze until solid and pop them out.Give your kid a hammer and let them go at it. We did the smashing outside, but as long as you have a surface that can get beat on a little the game isn’t too messy as an inside activity.

I used toys that stuck out of the water a bit so they were easier to grip. Otherwise, it’s hard to get a good hit squarely on the ice-cube. Additionally, it probably also saved some fingers.

Finally! Getting to pound on some stuff with that cool thing that Mom and Dad get to use.


(The hardest part for her was realizing that you had to wait to re-freeze the toys)

Enjoy this fun summer activity and if you know of any other safe (ish) games involving kids and hammers, I’d love to hear all about it.