What Every New Parent Needs to Know About Estate Planning.

Your little bundle of joy has finally arrived. You’re a parent. You’re officially on a roller coaster ride of stress and sleepless nights that will only continue to morph into more stress of varying kinds.

The list of things that need to be done is endless and estate planning probably hasn’t come close to the top, if you’ve given it any thought at all. But, it should be a priority.

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One Word to Eradicate Negative Self-Talk in Toddlers

Three must be a frustrating age for children. They are just beginning to learn how to do a large array of things, but realistically they aren’t very good at anything.

One of the most heard phrases in my house right now is “I can’t.” When she first started saying it I was horrified. “Of course you can. Not only do I know your abilities, but you are smart and beautiful and you can do anything.

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Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!

The number one thing I like about my toddler is her constant amazement in the world around her. Every time we head to the library she has a different subject of books that she’d like to get. One day it might be Disney princesses, the next elephants, and the next sharks. And, while the next time it might be dinosaurs or Pokemon, the interest never completely fades. It’s like a snowball of excitement about the world. I wish that I had just a portion of that.

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