Play in the Mud

Since time immemorial kids have been drawn to mud. While generally a nuisance to parents and a chronic ruin-er of outfits, when done intentionally it can be a fun activity for kids without causing their parents heart palpitations.

We’ve definitely gone wild and crazy with our mud play before. But, in this particular instance I wasn’t excited about a ton of clean up. So, I just let her do it herself.

Just fill up two tubs. One has mud (with extra water – make it nice and soupy). The other has water with a bit of baby soap (or a few drops of dish soap, if you prefer – just be aware that it can be drying on small hands).

Add some small toys that can be cleaned easily.

We just used a Toob of Dinosaurs and a couple of fish.

It will keep them busy for hours. Once the toy is clean, it can go right back into the mud and start the process all over.

Have fun! Let me know what your favorite mud or dirt activity is.