Solar System Poster Craft

My little astronaut has talked me into a 3-D solar system model and we’ve learned a lot from flash cards.

But, we went for a slightly more hands-on approach this time and made a poster.

Here’s How To Do It!

To start with, make the planets, using coffee filters and markers.




They’ll look about like this. (Can you tell that I helped on a couple of them)?

Once the filters are colored, spray with a light mist of water from a spray bottle until the colors run together.


When they dry you’ll cut them out, so don’t worry if the edges look a little sloppy.

Next, using a black poster board, a star cookie cutter, and yellow paint, make some stars! This was definitely Alli’s favorite part.

Once everything is dry, cut the edges of the planets and glue them on the starry sky.

solar system 3

And, the finished product. It’s super easy, albeit not very scientifically accurate. 😉

solar system

Alli thought the puffy paint moon we made in this blog post should be in the sky, too.

A fun easy project that even younger kids can do. Now, she can hang it on her wall and admire her handiwork.

3 thoughts on “Solar System Poster Craft

  1. I really want to be the kind of mom that does crafts with her kids, but I just don’t see it happening haha, but I still like to read these posts, just in case the mood strikes me one day

    1. <3 Well, imo the most important thing is the act of doing something together regardless of what it is.
      Plus, about half of the time the crafts are unmitigated disasters. haha

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