Easy Molecular Gastronomy – Cold Oil Spherification

Molecular gastronomy is a food science that combines physics and chemistry to experiment with tastes and textures of food. It’s an intriguing (and delicious) form of cooking that uses a mixture of creativity, precision, and experimentation of various elements to transform the way we think about food. While we have barely scratched the surface of the art, we started with something simple: spherification.

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One Word to Eradicate Negative Self-Talk in Toddlers

Three must be a frustrating age for children. They are just beginning to learn how to do a large array of things, but realistically they aren’t very good at anything.

One of the most heard phrases in my house right now is “I can’t.” When she first started saying it I was horrified. “Of course you can. Not only do I know your abilities, but you are smart and beautiful and you can do anything.

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