Turning Three Under the Sea

Alli’s birthday was last weekend and she’d chosen a Little Mermaid theme. (Well, she’d chosen “Ariel and Dinosaurs,” but I told her to pick one and just added some plastic dino toys to the over-all mermaid theme).

Three is a little young for structured activities, so we just requested that her friends bring bathing suits and towels and filled up her pool. I found some pearly miniature balls that looked a bit like bubbles.


The kids had so much fun we could barely get them out of the pool when it was time to go home.

Of course, the pool noodle light sabers came out at some point. It was a party for my Star-Wars loving kid, after all.  (They are easy to make with a pool noodle and some duct tape).


Lunch centered around “crabwiches” made with croissants and eyeballs that had been hot-glued to toothpicks.

Of course, the rest of the food was equally festive. I love a good theme.


An octopus veggie tray


Mermaid tail watermelon bowl with fruit salad


Shell pasta salad


Saltwater taffy, “pearls,” and gummy sharks


Fresh water and “sea water” punch



Beach cupcakes


I found these cute plates at Target and they were perfect for the theme.


For the cake, I tried my hand at a mirror glaze on the cake. It wasn’t perfect, but turned out to be a big hit with the kids and adults alike.

At the end of the day we had a very happy little mermaid.


(I bought this suit from Etsy – isn’t it the cutest?)


5 thoughts on “Turning Three Under the Sea

  1. Oooh awesome ideas! Those cupcakes are too pretty to eat and i am quite impressed with your mirror-cake baking skills. It makes me so sad every year that my daughter’s birthday is in January when we are buried under snow so all these fun outdoor things can’t be done!

    1. Thanks! It was quite the mess to make, but it turned out really well. I am definitely going to try it again.
      Winter birthdays are tough. Kids get cold so quickly.

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