DIY Trolls Pillowcase Dress (Poppy)

Springtime is here and that means dress season. I love it when I can just pop a dress on Alli and she’s good to go. No color coordinating. No matching patterns. It’s so easy that even my husband drops her off to school looking like he has a sense of fashion.

Lately, Alli has been going through the princess dress phase. Anytime she has on a yellow dress, she’s Belle. So, when her school announced that they were having a Trolls themed picnic as their spring party, her first request was a Poppy dress.

Poppy-1Not having a lot of time, I defaulted to a pillowcase style dress. They are super cute and super easy.

I used 45″ blue cotton fabric. I decided to have my finished length close to 20″ (a little short, but a cute pair of pink shorts underneath to give her a full range of motion). Alli wears 3T, so if you’re making it different size, add about 4″ to your finished lengths for seam allowances.


Matching your selvage, cut the material in half.


Fold and iron down the sides about 1/4″


Fold over and iron again.


Repeat on other side. Then, both sides of the other piece.

Then, sew all of the ironed folds down.


Once this is done, we will make the ribbon casing. How wide it is depends on how wide your ribbon is. The ribbon needs to be able to move relatively freely.


Fold and iron down the casing.


Fold and iron down again. Then, repeat on the other side.


Stitch down.


Pin the right sides together and measure the length of your arm hole. I used one of Alli’s dresses to measure how wide I wanted it to be. Mark with a pin. This will indicate when your seam will start.



Press open the seam.

press open

To hem, fold and press bottom up 1″. Press and fold again. Then, sew seam.


The ribbon needs to be at least twice as long as the casing. For bigger bows, add more ribbon.


Thread the ribbon through the casing using a safety-pin.


In order to make sure that the ribbon stays put, fold the garment in half and put a seam in the center of the ribbon.


To make the designs, I used Tulip Soft Fabric Paint that you can buy at your local craft store or online. I used a mix of green and white. The designs were freestyled.


Easy as that.


It ended up raining the day of the picnic. Still absolutely adorable with her boots.


This pattern works well for any color or pattern. If you try this, please send me a picture. I’d love to see your finished creations!

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