The Lunar Surface – In Puffy Paint

Alli has recently been intrigued with all things space related. But, prior to this interest, she’s spent about a year being interested in the moon. So, what better way to kick off some space activities, than one involving our old friend Luna?

One of the most recognizable qualities of the moon are the large craters caused by asteroids, meteors, comets, etc. that the moon’s atmosphere is too thin to protect it from.

Puffy paint is a three-dimensional paint that can add texture as well as visuals to a project. It’s very easy to make at home using a few household ingredients.

How to:

1 cup of shaving cream

1/2 cup Elmer’s glue

Black coloring (For other projects, it’s easy to just switch out the colors).


Mix the glue and the shaving cream together initially. You don’t want to lose all the foamy quality of the shaving cream, so fold it in like you would whipped cream. Then, add a few drops of the coloring. It should be a nice grey color, so you don’t need to add much.


Once that’s mixed, the real fun begins. We used a paper plate to get the rounded shape we needed.



Just keep putting the paint on and spreading it out until you have a nice layer. A paintbrush wasn’t the best option since the consistency is so thick, so we ended up just using a spatula.

Once you have a nice thick-ish layer. You can make the craters.


Once you’re satisfied with the way it looks, let it dry for several hours.


Then, you can explore your homemade lunar regolith at your leisure.