Watercolor Art DIY

Watercolors are a perfect art project for toddlers. It doesn’t take a lot of finesse or skill to use them and the clean-up is a breeze. We love this quick DIY art project.

– For this project, all you’ll need is:

 – Directions:

Simply draw an outline with the Sharpie. It should have plenty of white spaces, as you’ll want plenty of color on the page. Older kids can draw their own outline. It doesn’t have to be perfect, and can be abstract as you want it to be. And, then paint away! (For our purposes, I drew the outlines and Alli painted them).

It’s a lot of fun for kids (and adults). We did a collaborative piece. And, I did one of my own. My husband even got involved.

And, when you’re done, it makes a fantastic addition to any room in the house!