What My (almost) 3 Year Old is Reading

We’ve done our best to instill our love of reading in our child. Not only is it great for learning communication skills, comprehension, new concepts, and a multitude of other benefits, but it is also a great bonding activity. Alli likes most books, but sometimes she goes weeks, and even months, requesting the same book every night. These are her current favorites.

  1. Room on the Broom

room on the broom

A windy little romp through an idyllic countryside for a witch and her cat. The witch has serious difficulty keeping track of her things, but three helpful animals find and return the lost items. In gratitude, the witch grants them a place on the broom. The broom can’t hold the weight of all its passengers and it snaps. Suddenly a hungry dragon appears and the animals have to think quickly to save the witch from becoming a dragon snack.

It was a book that we purchased last October for Halloween, but Alli asks for it nearly every night. It has an amount of repetition and rhyme that makes it perfect for a three year old.

  1. Little Blue Truck

little blue truck

The little blue truck always takes time to greet his animal friends as he winds his way up the dirt road. A dump truck roars past taking no time for such niceties and finds himself promptly stuck in the mud. None of the snubbed animals respond to his cries for help. The stalwart little blue truck rolls into the mud to help him out, and in the end, the dump truck recognizes the importance and power of friendship. The animal sounds are fun to make and we have the board book version that has held up well.

  1. Good Night, Gorilla

good night, gorilla

A sparsely worded adventure following a zookeeper as he completes his nightly round at the zoo. The mischievous gorilla filches his keys and frees each animal. They follow the zookeeper back to his house, but give themselves away with their good-night greetings. An abandoned balloon slowly floats out of sight throughout and Alli has fun finding it on each page.

  1. We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

bear hunt

“We’re going on a bear hunt, we’re going to catch a big one, what a beautiful day, we’re not scared.” This book follows the journey of a brave dad and his four children as they search for a bear. While a terrible idea in real life, it is fun to act out and the watercolor illustrations are beautiful. Alli’s favorite part is reading at a breakneck speed as the family races back to their house followed closely by the bear.

  1. I Love You, Stinky Face

stink face

This book is a series of questions from a young boy to his mother testing the unconditional nature of her love. No matter the hypothetical, she unfailingly replies that she would still love him and explains how she would tailor her parenting style in each situation to make sure that he was well cared for. (Plus, it gives me the excuse to call my child a stink face).